Notes on the Palm Beach Stories series, exhibited at Peconic Landing Auditorium, June 1 - September 30  2017

This series of four paintings, each three foot six high by six feet wide, is set in the sub-topical environment of southern Florida, and draws on Peter's long career in film and his love of movies. Each picture evokes a different movie genre and contains narrative threads that reflect elements of that genre. The paintings consider aspects of the human condition, and our relationship with the natural environment.

Deep Impact

This painting looks at the fragility and vulnerability of the environment, and how easily it could be tipped into chaos and disaster. A meteor plunges earthwards, reflected in the café window, but is unseen or ignored by humanity. Almost incidental in the composition, the missile is witnessed only by two delicate dogs. The large blank wall in the center of the picture suggests impending oblivion, which would sweep aside civilization's achievements, including art and architecture, café society, sidewalks, cities, and flora and fauna, both natural and genetically engineered.

WHILE square.jpg

While you Were Sleeping

In this play on romance, a reworking of the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty places a modern would-be prince in front of an impenetrable barrier. He is unable to achieve his wish, to be with the princess, who sleeps in the pink palace beyond the hedge. Touching on the complexity of desire and the imagined ideal, it also poses the question, "Who is the sleeper?". Is it his inamorata within the palace, or is he the sleeper, dreaming of an unattainable ideal?

When Worlds Collide

A weirdly geometrical house sits isolated on the frontier between humanity's world and a lushly exploding tropical forest. The deserted street disappears into infinity, leading nowhere. Here, the clash between the man-made and natural worlds is highlighted to the maximum - and in the guise of a science-fiction story is intensified even further by the distorted reflection in the sphere that hovers in the top right corner. Is it merely a wing-mirror or a street-reflector, or is it an alien craft observing this strange scene? Perhaps the house is more alien in this setting than a UFO.

When Worlds Collide - 42x72%22 oil on canvas - Version 2.jpg

Out of the Past

The subjects of anger, violence, and inaction are touched on in this painting. Evoking the atmosphere of a crime thriller, the long, low, yellow house appears incongruous against the claustrophobic setting of the dark spiny vegetation. The focus falls on the woman, standing at a crossroad; she is tense and angry, and staring out of the frame at the object of her anger. What has happened, or about to happen? What is she holding in her right hand? The spiky yucca plant, front and center, suggests imminent violence.

The Awful Truth

In the last painting of the series, the genre is farce. The alligator is returning from the condo lake, seen reflected in the windows, back to its native habitat behind the diner. The huge contrast between the real flesh-and-blood creature and its trivialized depiction on the diner sign highlights the conflict between the native flora and fauna of the region and the efforts of its human residents to tame and civilize it. Meanwhile, the driver of the yellow Camaro has fled - who is the winner here?